Hydraulic Helical Gear Pump

The helical gear pump (fig. 4-4) is still another modification of the spur gear pump. Because of the helical gear design, the overlapping of successive discharges from spaces between the teeth is even greater than it is in the herringbone gear pump; therefore, the discharge flow is smoother. Since the discharge flow is smooth in the helical pump, the gears can be designed with a small number of large teeth—thus allowing increased capacity without sacrificing smoothness of flow.

The pumping gears of this type of pump are driven by a set of timing and driving gears that help maintain the required close clearances without actual metallic contact of the pumping gears. (Metallic contact between the teeth of the pumping gears would provide a tighter seal against slippage; however, it would cause rapid wear of the teeth, because foreign matter in the liquid would be present on the contact surfaces.)

Roller bearings at both ends of the gear shafts maintain proper alignment and minimize the friction loss in the transmission of power. Suitable packings are used to prevent leakage around the shaft.

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