BOBCAT S130 – SERVICE PC (LAPTOP COMPUTER) – Connecting Remote Start Tool (Service Tool)

The tools listed will be needed to do the following procedure:

Order from Bobcat Parts P/N: 6689779 – Remote Start Tool (Service Tool) Kit Kit Includes:
6689778 – Remote Start Tool (Service Tool)
6689747 – Loader Service Tool Harness
6689746 – Computer Service Tool Harness
6689745 – BOSSĀ® Service Tool Harness

NOTE: Make all connections with the key in the OFF position.

The Service PC (Item 1) with the Remote Start Tool (Service Tool) (Item 2) [Figure 60-150-2]. When connected to the loader, the Service PC is used to monitor, conduct diagnostics, and upgrade software.

Connect the Remote Start Tool (Service Tool) Computer Service Tool Harness (Item 3) [Figure 60-150-2] to the designated serial port on the Service PC.

NOTE: The recommended serial cable length should not exceed 15 feet. A serial cable longer than 15 feet will create a degraded signal causing communication errors.

Connect the other end to the connector on the Remote Start Tool (Service Tool).

Connect the Remote Start Tool (Service Tool) to the loader. (See REMOTE START TOOL (SERVICE TOOL) KIT – 6689779 on Page 10-61-1.)


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