BOBCAT S130 – INSTRUMENT PANELS – Right Panel (Keyless)

The right instrument panel shown [Figure 60-50-3] is the Keyless Panel.

1. Display Screen: The Display Screen is where all system setup, monitoring, troubleshooting, and error conditions are displayed.

2. Function Icons: The lower left area of the Display Screen contains the same icons as the Key Switch Panel. These icons are only visible when the monitoring system has detected the associated condition.

3. Selection Buttons: The four Selection Buttons allow you to select items from the Display Screen and scroll through screens.

4. Keypad: The numeric keypad has two functions:
– To enter a number code (password) to allow starting the engine (Keyless Start).
– To enter a number as directed for further use of the Display Screen.

5. Bobcat Controller / Display Icon: Indicates communication error between Bobcat controller and instrument panel. (See DIAGNOSTICS SERVICE CODES on Page 60-90-1.)

6. BobCARE PMSM Icon: Indicates planned maintenance is due. (See MAINTENANCE CLOCK on Page 60-200-1.)

The first screen you will see on your new loader will be as shown in [Figure 60-50-4].

When this screen is on the display you can enter the password and start the engine or change the Display Panel setup features.

NOTE: Your new loader (with Keyless Instrument Panel) will have an Owner Password. Your dealer will provide you with this password. Change the password to one that you will easily remember to prevent unauthorized use of your loader. (See Changing The Owner And User Passwords on Page 60-190-2.) Keep your password in a safe place for future needs.

Start Engine: Use the Keypad to enter the numbers (letters) of your password and press the RUN / ENTER key (Item 7) [Figure 60-50-3].

Press and hold the START button (Item 8) [Figure 60-50-3] until the engine starts.

Change Language: Press the Selection button at the end of the arrow [Figure 60-50-4] to go to the next screen.

Use the Keypad to select the number of the language [Figure 60-50-5]

Press EXIT. The screen will return to [Figure 60-50-4]. You can then enter the password and start the engine.

See DISPLAY CONTROLLER PANEL SETUP for further description of screens to setup the system for your use. (See Right Panel Setup (Keyless) on Page 60-180-1.)

NOTE: Pressing the EXIT key will go to the previous screen and you can continue pressing until you get to the initial (home) screen. SHORTCUT: Press the “0” (zero) key to get to the home screen immediately.


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