The hydrostatic motor carrier is the mating connection from the hydrostatic drive motor to the transmission case.

The hydrostatic motor carrier contains a shaft that rotates on two tapered roller bearings. the shaft has two sprockets that turn the drive chains. Damaged or severely worn bearings can destroy a drive motor.

The hydrostatic motor carrier is sealed to the transmission case with a polyurethane sealant. A gasket is not used. Replacement sealant can be ordered through Bobcat Parts part number 6685372.

The hydrostatic motor carrier has a seal which isolates the chain case oil from the hydrostatic motor case drain oil.

A brake disk is installed on each hydrostatic motor carrier. The brake disk is mounted to the shaft in the motor carrier.

The hydrostatic motor carriers are made to fit on both the right or left hand side of the loader. There are two sets of mounting holes on each hydrostatic motor carrier to fasten the hydrostatic motors. One set for the left hand side and another set for the right hand side of the loader.


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