The hydraulic control valve is located inside the main frame on the right hand side, below the operators cab.

The hydraulic control valve [Figure 20-41-1] is the hydraulic component that uses spools to direct the flow of hydraulic fluid to the lift, tilt and auxiliary functions.

The lift and tilt functions in the ACS or SJC hydraulic control valve are operated using electronic control handle/levers or foot pedals that send an electronic signal to the electronic actuators to move the lift and tilt spools in the control valve.

The auxiliary function is operated by pilot pressure.

There is one solenoid located by each side of the spool.
Only one solenoid at a time is activated by the switch on the right side control handle/lever. The activated solenoid sends pilot pressure oil to one side of the spool and forces the spool to shift.

The hydraulic control valve also contains a main relief valve which is adjustable.



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