NOTE: All diagnostics must be done at the fourteen pin connector (Item 1).

The ACD (Attachment Control Device) Icon, located in the right instrument panel on the loader cab, must be illuminated continuously.

If the ACD light flashes, check for diagnostic service codes. See the Electrical System Service Manual for the proper procedure.

RH – Loaders with Rear Hydraulics Option.
* If harness terminals K & L are jumped together, switches 4 thru 9 will function the same as switch 1 & 2.
* Terminal K is activated with Key switch ON.

NOTE: Front Auxiliary Pressure Release is accomplished by manually pushing the male and female couplers in at the front auxiliary coupler block.

The Hydraulic Pressure Release Button will activate solenoid number 3 at the diverter valve, shut down the loader, and bleed the rear auxiliary (If so equipped.) and also the right side front auxiliary. (If so equipped.)


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