BOBCAT S130 – DRIVE BELT – Belt Removal And Installation

Stop the engine. Open the rear door.

Raise the operator cab. (See Raising on Page 10-30-2.)

Remove the negative (-) cable from the battery. The battery may be removed for additional working clearance. (See Removal And Installation on Page 60-20-1.)

Remove the belt shield [Figure 30-60-6]. (See Shield Removal And Installation on Page 30-50-1.)

The belt tensioner is located between the flywheel and pump pulley. Loosen and remove the bolt (Item 1) [Figure 30-60-7] from the belt tensioner.

Remove the belt tensioner assembly.

Remove the drive belt from the pump pulley and flywheel.
Remove the drive belt from the loader [Figure 30-60-8].

Install the new drive belt. Install the belt tensioner assembly.

Adjust the drive belt. (See Adjusting on Page 30-50-1.)

Reinstall belt shield and connect the negative (-) cable to the battery.


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