BOBCAT S130 – CYLINDER (TILT) – Disassembly And Assembly

Use the following tools to service the cylinder:
MEL1074 – O-ring Seal Hook
MEL1396 – Seal Installation Tool
MEL1033 – Rod Seal Installation Tool
Piston Ring Compressor
Spanner Wrench
Wash the cylinder parts in solvent and air dry them.

Inspect the cylinder parts for nicks, scratches or other damage. Replace any damaged parts.

Always install new O-rings and seals during assembly.

Lubricate all O-rings and seals with hydraulic oil during installation.

Hold the hydraulic cylinder over a drain pan and move the rod in and out slowly to remove the fluid from the cylinder.

Put the base end of the cylinder in a vise.

Use a spanner wrench to loosen the head (Item 1) [Figure 20-21-9] from the cylinder case.

Assembly: Tighten the head with a spanner wrench until the head is seated all of the way into the cylinder (Item 2) [Figure 20-21-9].

Remove the nut (Item 1), piston (Item 2) and head (Item 3) [Figure 20-21-10].

Assembly: Tighten the nut (Item 1) [Figure 20-21-10] to 100 ft.-lb. (136 N•m) torque.

NOTE: Clean and dry the threads before installing the nut. Install the new nut from the kit.

Assembly: Mark the end of the shaft and nut. Tighten the nut an additional 135 degrees or 2-1/4 flats [Figure 20-21-11].

Remove the seal (Item 1), and O-ring (Item 2) [Figure 20-21-12] from the piston.

Assembly: Install the new seal on the tool and slowly stretch it until it fits the piston [Figure 20-21-13]. Allow the seal to stretch for 30 seconds before installing it on the piston.

Once the seal is installed on the piston, a piston ring compressor can be used on the piston for 3 minutes to compress the seal into place.

Remove the two O-rings (Item 1) and the back-up washer (Item 2) [Figure 20-21-14] from the cylinder head.

Remove the wiper seal (Item 1) [Figure 20-21-15] from the cylinder head.

Install the wiper seal, with the wiper side of the seal (Item 1) toward the outside of the head (Item 2) [Figure 20-21-16].

Remove the rod seal (Item 1) [Figure 20-21-17] from the cylinder head.

Assembly: Install the rod seal on the rod seal tool [Figure 20-21-18].

NOTE: During installation the spring side of the seal (Item 1) [Figure 20-21-18] must be installed
toward the inside of the cylinder.

Assembly: Install the rod seal in the head. Rotate the handles to collapse the rod seal [Figure 20-21-19].


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