BOBCAT S130 – CYLINDER HEAD – Reconditioning The Valve And Valve Seat

Grind the valve face to the correct angle using a valve refacer [Figure 70-80-28].

Clean the valve seat and combustion chamber.

Install the valve into the guide. Measure the valve recessing or protrusion with a depth gauge [Figure 70-80-29].

If the measurement exceeds the allowable limit, replace the valve or cylinder head [Figure 70-80-30].

Grind the valve seat surface in the cylinder head to the correct angle [Figure 70-80-31].

Check the seat surface and valve face (Item 1) [Figure 70-80-32].

(a) identical dimensions above and below the valve seat

If the seat surface (b) is too wide, use a 30 degree cutter (Item 2) on the intake, and a 15 degree cutter on the exhaust to get the correct width (Item 3) [Figure 70-80-32].

Valve Seat Width

Intake 0.0835 in. (2,12 mm)
Exhaust 0.0835 in. (2,12 mm)

Valve Seat & Face Angle

Intake 60°
Exhaust 45°


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