BOBCAT S130 – CONTROL SYSTEM (ACS) – Troubleshooting Chart

The Advanced Control System (ACS) has a built-in diagnostic function which uses an icon on the right instrument panel to indicate the condition of the ACS SYSTEM. The system also records the alarm condition as a service code.

The control module continually checks the system in the order listed. The checks start with the lift handle sensor and then the lift actuator. If no problems are present, it will then check the tilt handle sensor and the tilt actuator. The system will stop its check at the first problem and then illuminate the icon.

The system starts its diagnostics and calibration when the ignition key is turned ON.

The following list shows the probable causes when the icon is illuminated.

To see what error occurred. (See SPEED SENSORS (SJC) on Page 60-80-1.)


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