After installing the pedal, adjust the pedal angle so that there is clearance under the rear of the pedal. The valve spool must travel full stroke without the pedal hitting the floor panel.

The pedals should be positioned at a comfortable angle so full movement of the pedal can be reached easily while properly sitting in the loader seat.

Loosen the two mounting bolts (Item 1) [Figure 50-90-10] from the pedal mounting bracket.

Loosen the bolt (Item 2) [Figure 50-90-11] and nut on the pedal linkage.

Check the rubber bushing in the pedal for wear and replace as needed.

Tilt the pedal back and forth until an acceptable “neutral” angle is achieved on the pedal.

Tighten the two mounting bolts (Item 1) and pivot bolt (Item 2) [Figure 50-90-11] on the pedal assembly to standard torque.

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