The tools needed to check charge pressure, hydraulic hose (Item 1), Hydraulic gauge (1000 PSI) (Item 2) and adapter fitting (P/N 93F-5) (Item 3) [Figure 30-40-1].

Connect the gauge (Item 1), to the adapter fitting (P/N 93F5) (Item 2) [Figure 30-40-2].

Connect the hydraulic hose (Item 3) [Figure 30-40-2] to the adapter fitting. Tighten all connections.

Raise the loader lift arms and install an approved lift arm support device. (See Installing on Page 10-20-1.)

Place the loader on jackstands. (See Procedure on Page 10-10-1.)

Raise the operator cab. (See Raising on Page 10-30-2.)

Remove the hydraulic cap (Item 1) [Figure 30-40-3] from the hydraulic control valve charge pressure inlet fitting.

Install the hose (Item 1) [Figure 30-40-4], that is attached to the pressure gauge, to the control valve, where the cap was removed.

Tighten the hydraulic fittings.

Start the loader and warm the hydraulic fluid to 140° F (60° C).

The charge pressure at high idle, with the fluid temperature of 140° F (60° C) is 335 – 385 PSI (23,1 – 26,5 bar) with the pump in neutral.


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