BOBCAT S130 – BACK-UP ALARM SYSTEM – Switch Removal And Installation

NOTE: Joystick equipped machines do not have back-up alarm switches and can not be adjusted.

Standard Controls and ACS (If Equipped)

Stop the engine and raise the operator cab. (See Raising on Page 10-30-2.)

Place the steering levers in the neutral position.

Loosen the screws (Item 1) securing the back-up alarm switches. Slide the switch assemblies (Item 2) [Figure 60-210-6] off the mounting bracket.

Installation: Slide the alarm switches onto the mounting bracket so the threaded plates are under the mounting bracket. The rollers will face to the inside. During installation of switches, adjusting the switches (See Adjusting Switch Position on Page 60-210-2.) and inspecting back-up alarm operation (See Inspecting on Page 60-210-1.) are required.

Mark the wires for ease of assembly.

Disconnect the Orange wire from the common terminal (Item 1) [Figure 60-210-7].

Disconnect the White wire from the normally open terminal (Item 2) [Figure 60-210-7].

Disconnect the remaining White wires to the other switch terminals (Item 3) [Figure 60-210-7].

Remove the switches.


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