BOBCAT S130 – ALTERNATOR – Alternator Voltage Testing

Open the rear door.

Connect the remote start tool to the loader. (See REMOTE START TOOL KIT-MEL1563 on Page 10-60-1.)

Turn the engine on with the remote start tool and run at idle. With a voltmeter, check the voltage between the B+ terminal and ground at the starter [Figure 60-30-3].

The voltage must be higher than 13.5 volts but lower than 14.7 volts at 70° F (Alternator Temperature).

If the voltage is higher that 14.7 volts, proceed to the following high voltage test.

If the voltage is lower than 13.5 volts, run the engine at high idle and recheck voltage. If voltage is still below 13.5 volts, proceed with the following low voltage test.


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