NOTE: The wear of the pins and bushings on the undercarriage vary with the working conditions and the different types of soil conditions. It is necessary to inspect track tension and maintain the correct tension. See SERVICE SCHEDULE for the correct service interval. (See SERVICE SCHEDULE on Page 10-70-1.)

Raise one side of the machine (Approximately four inches) using the boom and arm.

Raise the blade fully and install jack stands under the blade and track frame (Item 1) [Figure 30-20-2]. Lower the boom until all machine weight is on the jack stands.

Stop the engine.

Rubber Track Clearance

Measure the clearance at the middle track roller. Do not get fingers into pinch points between the track and the track roller. Use a bolt or a dowel of the appropriate size to check the gap between the contact edge of the roller and the top edge of the track guide [Figure 30-20-3] and [Figure 30-20-4].

Rubber Track Clearance – 10 – 15 mm (0.39 – 0.59 in).


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