BobCat E35 – THERMOSTAT – Description

The Electronic De-icing Thermostat (EDT) is a micro controller based module that measures evaporator coil temperature and cycles the compressor clutch to maintain a constant evaporator pressure. Onboard circuit protection and diagnostics are also built into the module.

NOTE: The EDT has a six second delay before start up to protect the compressor clutch.

The EDT will turn the clutch on when the evaporator coil temperature is above 2°C (35.6°F). If the EDT does not detect any malfunction, it will continue to operate and the status LED will be lit continuously. When the evaporator temperature is below -2°C (28.4°F), the EDT will turn off the clutch and status LED.

When the EDT detects an open or short from the temperature sensor, the status LED (Item 1) [Figure 70-90-1] will blink once per second and the output signal to the clutch will be turned off. The status LED will flash two times per second when EDT detects an open circuit (current draw less than 200 mA), short circuit or over current (current draw greater than 7A) from the clutch output. The status LED will flash three times per second when the compressor clutch is shorted to ground.

NOTE: The EDT will attempt to restart every 20 seconds until the fault is repaired.

The EDT has the following protection built in:
1. Over temperature
2. Over current from clutch output
3. Voltage (Above and below operational limits or reverse voltage)
4. Short circuit protection (Output shorted to ground)
5. Temperature sensor open and short detection



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