BobCat E35 – SWIVEL JOINT – Removal And Installation

Block the excavator up as shown [Figure 20-80-1].

Remove the floor mat and floor panel. (See Removal And Installation on Page 40-110-1.)

Drain the hydraulic reservoir. (See Removing And Replacing Hydraulic Fluid on Page 10-130-5.)

Remove the four bolts (Item 1) and remove the cover (Item 2) [Figure 20-80-2].

Mark and remove the hoses from the bottom of the swivel joint [Figure 20-80-3].

Remove the hoses from the top and side of the swivel joint [Figure 20-80-4].

Remove the swivel stop (Item 1) [Figure 20-80-5].

Installation: Apply Loctite® 242 to the swivel stop threads before installation. Tighten the stop to 125 – 140 N•m (90 – 100 ft-lb) torque.

Remove the four bolts (Item 1) [Figure 20-80-6] and nuts from the swivel joint.

Installations: Tighten the bolts to 43 – 47 N•m (32 – 35 ft-lb) torque.

Lower the swivel joint out the bottom of the excavator.


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