BobCat E35 – SWING MOTOR (DRIVE CARRIER) – Disassembly And Assembly

Remove the thrust plate (Item 1) and sun gear (Item 2) [Figure 20-91-2].

Remove the planetary gears (Item 1) [Figure 20-91-3] and roller bearings.

Remove the bearing races (Item 1) and thrust washers (Item 2) [Figure 20-91-4].

Remove the carrier (Item 1) [Figure 20-91-5].

Remove the sun gear [Figure 20-91-6].

Remove the carrier / gear assembly [Figure 20-91-7].

Remove the snap rings [Figure 20-91-8].

Remove the plate (Item 1) [Figure 20-91-9].

Remove the planetary gears (Item 1) [Figure 20-91-10].

Remove the bearings (Item 1) [Figure 20-91-11].

Remove the races (Item 1) and thrust washers (Item 2) [Figure 20-91-12].

Remove the retainer (Item 1) [Figure 20-91-13].

Remove the split rings (Item 1) [Figure 20-91-14].

Press the shaft assembly (Item 1) [Figure 20-91-15] out of the housing.

Installation: Place the shaft assembly (Item 1) [Figure 20-91-16] in the housing and press the bearing on to the shaft until the split rings can be installed on the shaft.

Remove the bearing (Item 1) [Figure 20-91-17] from the housing.

Remove the bearing race (Item 1) and seal (Item 2) [Figure 20-91-18].

Turn the housing over and remove the bearing race (Item 1) [Figure 20-91-19].

Remove the bearing (Item 1) and seal (Item 2) [Figure 20-91-20] from the shaft.


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