BobCat E35 – SWING FRAME – Bushing Installation

Apply a film of grease to the outer diameter of the bushing and to the inner diameter of the casting.
Center the bushing on the casting hole.
NOTE: Make sure that the bushing is centered into the casting hole and that it starts in the hole evenly and square.

Put the washer (Item 4) [Figure 40-140-15] over the flanged end of the bushing.
Put the spacer (Item 6) and the washer (Item 5) [Figure 40-140-15] over the bushing hole casting. Center the spacer and the washer over the bushing hole.
Install the bolt (Item 1) through the washers, the spacer and the bushing. Install the nut (Item 2) [Figure 40-140-15].
Tighten the bolt and nut until the bushing is seated in the casting.

The same procedure is used to remove and install the bushings in the frame castings [Figure 40-140-16] and [Figure 40-140-17].


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