BobCat E35 – SERVICE PC (LAPTOP COMPUTER) – Connecting The Remote Start Tool

Tools that will be needed to complete the following steps are:
MEL1563 – Remote Start Tool
MEL1565 – Service Tool Harness Control
MEL1566 – Service Tool Harness Communicator (Computer Interface)

NOTE: Make all connections with the key in the OFF position.

When the Service PC (Item 1) and the remote start tool (Item 2) [Figure 50-140-1], are connected to the excavator, the Service PC is used to monitor, conduct diagnostic and load software.

Connect the Service Tool Harness Communicator (MEL1566) (Item 3) [Figure 50-140-1] to the designated serial port on the Service PC.

NOTE: The recommended serial cable length should not exceed 4,6 m (15 ft). A serial cable longer than 4,6 m (15 ft) will create a degraded signal causing communication errors.

Connect the other end to the connector on the remote start tool.

Connect the remote start tool to the excavator. (See Remote Start Tool – MEL1563 on Page 10-220-1.)

NOTE: Refer to BobcatNET for PC requirements and the latest Service Analyzer software.


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