BobCat E35 – REGULAR MAINTENANCE – Air Conditioning Compressor Belt Replacement

Stop the engine and open the tailgate. (See TAILGATE on Page 10-50-1.)


The engine will need to be rotated by hand to remove the belt. To access the flywheel, remove the plug (Item 1) [Figure 71-20-5] from the flywheel housing.

Use a pry bar (Item 1) [Figure 71-20-6] to push the belt off of the pulley. Using a pry bar on the flywheel, rotate the engine by hand to push the belt off the crankshaft pulley. Continue to rotate the flywheel until the belt is loose. Remove the belt.


Position the belt (Item 1) [Figure 71-20-7] over the crankshaft pulley and to the compressor pulley.

Use a pry bar (Item 2) [Figure 71-20-7] to position the belt on the pulley while using the second pry bar at the flywheel to rotate the engine by hand.

Continue to rotate the engine by hand until the belt is fully on the pulleys.

Reinstall the rubber plug (Item 1) [Figure 71-20-5].

Close the tailgate.


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