BobCat E35 – HYDRAULIC PUMP – Hydraulic Pump Start Up

NOTE: This procedure is to prevent a dry start up of the hydraulic pump.

Loosen the case plug (Item 1) [Figure 20-50-31] until all the air is purged from the pump housing.

To crank the engine without starting, the machine key switch can be bypassed. Obtain a starter bypass tool from a local source which can be used as a universal connection to remotely crank the engine without starting [Figure 20-50-32].

The starter bypass tool consists of two wires, each with a clamp. The momentary switch, when depressed, will allow current to pass through the circuit.

Connect the starter bypass tool to the starter solenoid battery terminal and S terminal. Crank the engine for 15 seconds, then stop for at least 30 seconds. Again, crank the engine for 15 seconds. Remove the starter bypass tool [Figure 20-50-33] and [Figure 20-50-34].

Start the excavator from the operator cab and run the engine at low idle for 1 – 2 minutes without operating the hydraulics.

After operating the engine at low idle, operate the hydraulic systems several times or until air is purged from the system. Avoid running over the relief valve setting at the end of cylinder stroke.

With the excavator parked on a level surface, check and fill the hydraulic reservoir as required. Check for hydraulic leaks. (See Removing And Replacing Hydraulic Fluid on Page 10-130-5.)


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