BobCat E35 – ENGINE INFORMATION – Description

The E35 has a Kubota direct injected V1803-DI diesel engine with a displacement of 1,8 L (111.4 in3). The engine is rated at an SAE Gross 23,1 kW (31 hp) and has a closed breather system.

The engine has 3 cylinders and the rotation is counter clockwise (viewed from the flywheel side). It is equipped with glow plugs for assisting in cold start. Engine block heaters are also available from Bobcat Parts.

The engine serial number is stamped on the engine and is located near the injection pump. The model number is located on the valve cover. Use these numbers to obtain the correct service parts.

The engine is liquid cooled with a propylene glycol / water mixture in a radiator. Coolant flow is controlled by a thermostat. The cooling fan is belt driven.

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