BobCat E35 – ENGINE INFORMATION – Compression – Checking

The tools listed will be needed to do the following procedure:
MEL10630 – Engine Compression Kit
MEL1631 – Compression Adapter
The engine must be at operating temperature.
Remove the glow plugs. (See Glow Plugs Removal And Installation on Page 60-80-2.)

Install the correct compression adapter into the cylinder head [Figure 60-10-26].
Connect the compression gauge [Figure 60-10-26].
Make sure the speed control lever is at low engine idle.
Disconnect the fuel stop solenoid.
Crank the engine with the starter at 200 – 300 rpm.

The compression must be no lower than the allowable limit, with no more than 10% variance among cylinders.
Connect the fuel stop solenoid.
Install the glow plugs.


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