BobCat E35 – DELUXE INSTRUMENT PANEL SETUP (S/N A93K11001 – A93K17999 AND AC2P11001 – AC2P14999) – Password Entry (For Starting And Operating The Machine)

Press ENTER CODE button (Item 1). The panel will become lighted and there will be two short beeps. CodE will appear on the data display screen (Item 2) [Figure 50-90-1].

NOTE: After you press ENTER CODE you have 40 seconds to use the keypad (Item 3) [Figure 50-90-1] to enter the password. (If more than 40 seconds is used, the process will abort and you will need to start over.

Enter the password. For each digit that you enter, a dash will appear on the data display screen. If the password was entered correctly, there will be one long beep.

NOTE: If the password was incorrect there will be three short beeps and Error will appear on the data display screen. Press the ENTER CODE button again and start over. After three failed attempts, you must wait three minutes to try again.

You are now ready to start and operate the machine.

If you will be changing the operator password, do not start the engine. (See Changing The Operator Password on Page 50-90-1.)

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