BobCat E35 – DELUXE INSTRUMENT PANEL SETUP (S/N A93K11001 – A93K17999 AND AC2P11001 – AC2P14999) – Job Clock

The JOB CLOCK can be set to record accumulated hours for a particular job.

Press and release the information button (Item 4) until JOB light is ON at the top, center of the data display screen (Item 5) [Figure 50-90-2].

While the JOB light is ON, press and hold the information button (Item 4) [Figure 50-90-2] until the data display screen returns to zero.

This process will clear the accumulated hours and will begin recording JOB CLOCK time again. (This does not affect the HOURMETER which continues to record the total operating hours of the excavator.)

Pressing the information button (Item 1) [Figure 50-90-2] again or pressing the START button will return the data display screen to HOURMETER function.

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