BobCat E35 – CYLINDER (CLAMP) – Disassembly

NOTE: The drawings may appear different. The procedure is the same.

Clean the outside of the clamp cylinder before disassembly.

The following tools will be needed to disassemble and assemble the cylinders:

MEL1075 – Adjustable Gland Nut Wrench
MEL1074 – O-ring Seal Hook
MEL1396 – Seal Installation Tool
MEL1033 – Rod Seal Installation Tool

Put the base end of the hydraulic cylinder in a drain pan.

Move the rod in and out to remove the fluid from the cylinder. Move the rod slowly so the fluid will go directly into the drain pan.

Put the base end of the cylinder in a vise.

Use the adjustable gland nut wrench to loosen the head [Figure 20-26-10].

Remove the rod assembly from the cylinder housing [Figure 20-26-11].

Remove the cylinder housing from the vise.

Put the rod end in the vise.

Loosen the nut from the piston end of the rod [Figure 20-26-12].

Remove the piston (Item 1) and head (Item 2) [Figure 20-26-13].

Remove the O-ring and back-up ring from the head with seal hook [Figure 20-26-14].

Remove the wiper seal [Figure 20-26-15].

Remove the oil seal from the head [Figure 20-26-16].

Cut the old teflon seal and remove the seal from the piston [Figure 20-26-17].

Remove the O-ring from the piston [Figure 20-26-18].



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