BobCat E35 – BUCKET – Bucket Teeth Removal And Installation

Position the bucket so the bucket teeth are at a 30° angle up from the ground for accessibility to the teeth.
Lower the boom until the bucket is fully on the ground.
Stop the engine and exit the excavator.

Remove the retaining pin (Item 1) from the tooth point (Item 2) [Figure 40-170-1].
Remove the tooth point (Item 2) from the shank (Item 3) [Figure 40-170-1].

Remove the two nuts (Item 1) and bolts from the tooth shank (Item 2) [Figure 40-170-2]. Remove the tooth shank.
Installation: Tighten the nuts to 125 – 135 N•m (90 – 100 ft-lb) torque.

The retaining pin (Item 1) must be installed as shown [notch (Item 2) to the front] for proper fit and tooth retention. The side of the tooth point (Item 3) [Figure 40-170-3] also shows the correct orientation of the retaining pin.
Installation: Position the new tooth point on the shank and install a new retaining pin. Install the retaining pin until it is flush with the top of the point.



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