BobCat E35 – ALTERNATOR – Charging System Inspection

If the charging system malfunctions check the following:

Check the condition and tension of the engine accessory drive belt. If belt is worn or deteriorated replace the belt.
(See Belt Replacement on Page 50-30-1.)

Inspect the alternator wiring harness and connectors at alternator. Harness and connectors must be clean and tight.

Check the fuse for the alternator in the fuse panel. If the fuse is burned, find the cause and repair / replace. If the fuse is in doubt, remove and check the fuse for continuity.

Check the electrolyte level in the battery. Add distilled water as needed. (Does not apply to maintenance free batteries.)

Verify the charge of the battery. Make sure battery is fully charged.

Disconnect the battery cables (negative first, then positive). Inspect the cable clamps and battery posts for corrosion. Remove acid or corrosion from the battery and cables with a sodium bicarbonate and water solution. Put grease on the cable ends and battery terminals to prevent corrosion. Reconnect the cable to the positive terminal.


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