BobCat 753 – SEAT BAR – Compression Spring Disassembly And Assembly

Turn the bolt (Item 1) [Figure 50-10-11] & [Figure 50-10-12] out of the clevis.

Assembly: Apply LOCTITE #242 adhesive to the bolt threads. Adjust the compression spring by turning the
bolt in past the end of the clevis three turns.

NOTE: For procedures requiring the use of LOCTITE #242 adhesive, thoroughly clean and dry affected parts before the application of LOCTITE #242.

Disassemble and assemble the seat bar compression spring and parts as shown in Fig. [Figure 50-10-12].

Bolt (Item 1)
Bushing (Item 2)
Spring (Item 3)
Clevis (Item 4)
Retaining Pin (Item 5)
Pin (Item 6)
Bushing (Item 7)


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