BobCat 753 – LIFT ARM BY-PASS CONTROL VALVE – Removal And Installation

Install jackstands under the rear corners of the loader.

Raise the lift arms and install an approved lift arm support device. (See Installing Lift Arm Support Device
on Page 10-20-1.)

Raise the operator cab. (See Raising The Operator Cab on Page 10-30-1.)

The lift lock by-pass valve (Item 1) [Figure 20-50-1] is located under the right side of the control panel.

Hold the by-pass control knob (Item 2) and loosen the jam nut (Item 3) [Figure 20-50-1] on the by-pass valve

Remove the by-pass control knob and jam nut from the valve shaft.

Remove the rubber washer (Item 4) [Figure 20-50-1].

Disconnect the two tubelines (Item 5) [Figure 20-50-1] from the lift lock by-pass valve.

Cap or plug all open hydraulic connections.

Remove the two mounting bolts (Item 1) [Figure 20-50-2].

Installation: Tighten the mounting bolts to 180-200 in.-lbs. (21-23 Nm) torque.

Remove the lift arm by-pass valve.


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