BobCat 753 – ENGINE – Engine Mount Replacement

Use the following procedure to install new engine mounts:

Remove the existing mount from the engine. Refer to engine removal and installation for engine mount locations.

Replace all four engine mounts two front and two rear.

Use the parts shown to install the new engine mounts [Figure 70-80-16]:

Square Nut – (Item 1) – Used on left side engine mounts Hex Nut – (Item 2) – Used on right side engine mounts
Mount Washer – (Item 3)
Engine Mount – (Item 4)
Tube Spacer – (Item 5)
Snubbing Washer – (Item 6)
Mounting Bolt – (Item 7)

Install the new engine mount as shown in the cut away side view [Figure 70-80-17].

Tighten the mounting bolts to 70 ft.-lbs. (95 Nm) torque.


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