BobCat 753 – ENGINE COMPONENTS AND TESTING – Fuel Injector Removal And Installation

The following are some problems caused by faulty injectors:
– Engine is hard to start or will not start
– Rough engine operation and idle
– Engine will not have full power
– Excessive exhaust smoke

Disconnect the fuel return hose (Item 1) [Figure 70-70-30] & [Figure 70-70-31] from the injectors.

Disconnect the high pressure fuel lines (Item 1) [Figure 70-70-32] from the fuel injectors and from the injection pump.

Remove the high pressure fuel lines from the engine.

Remove the retainer nut from the top of the fuel injectors (Item 1) [Figure 70-70-33].

Remove the fuel return tube (Item 2) [Figure 70-70-33] from the fuel injectors.

Remove the injector (Item 1) [Figure 70-70-34] from the cylinder head.

Installation: Tighten the Injector to 36-50 ft.-lbs. (49-68 Nm).

Photo [Figure 70-70-35] shows the injector nozzle removed from the cylinder. Inspect the injector and replace if necessary.

Installation: Be sure the nozzle cap (Item 1) and copper washer (Item 2) [Figure 70-70-35] are in the correct position. Replace the nozzle cap and copper washer when installing new or used injectors.


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