BobCat 753 – DIAGNOSTICS – Service Codes

The left instrument panel is the same for both the Standard and Deluxe Instrument Panel Option [Figure 60-80-1].

Press and hold LIGHTS Button (Item 1) [Figure 60-80-1] for two seconds to view SERVICE CODES in the HOURMETER/CODE DISPLAY (Item 2) [Figure 60-80-1]. If more than one SERVICE CODE is present, the codes will scroll on the HOURMETER/CODE DISPLAY.

The following is a list of the SERVICE CODES. These CODES help analyze monitored functions of the Bobcat loader. Some service procedures must be performed ONLY BY QUALIFIED BOBCAT SERVICE PERSONNEL. (See ELECTRICAL SYSTEM SERVICE MANUAL FOR troubleshooting charts and guides.)

The following word errors may also be displayed:

One or both instrument panel(s) not communicating with the controller.

The controller not communicating with the left instrument panel.
CODE The controller is asking for a password. (Deluxe instrument panel only).
ERROR The wrong password was entered. (Deluxe instrument panel only.)

Multiple SERVICE CODES and/or Abnormal Symptoms can be caused by corroded or loose ground connection. Flashing instrument panel lights, alarm beeping, front & rear lights flashing, low batery voltage, loose battery connectors, could also indicate a poor ground. Check all grounds before performing other diagnostics.


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