BobCat 753 – COMPONENTS – Identification

Heater Unit: The heater (Item 1) [Figure 80-10-1] is located behind the loader cab. The unit delivers the warm air for heat into the cab. The unit contains the blower and heater coil.

Heater Coil: The heater coil (Item 1) [Figure 80-10-2] supplies the warm air into the cab by passing air through the coil.

Heater Blower: The blower (Item 1) [Figure 80-10-3] is used to push air through the heater and into the cab.

Control Panel: The panel (Item 1) [Figure 80-10-4] has two separate components.

Fan Switch: This is a four position rotary switch (Item 2) [Figure 80-10-4]. When the fan switch is in the off position the heat valve will operate, as it is controlled by the ignition power.

Potentiometer: The potentiometer (Item 3) [Figure 80-10-4] controls the Heater Valve (Item 1) [Figure 80-10-5]from fully Off to fully On. This can be used for defrost of the windows and temperature control.

Heater Valve: The heater valve (Item 1) [Figure 80-10-5] is used to control the amount of engine coolant that flows to the heater coil.



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