BobCat 753 – BICS SYSTEM – Additional Inspection For Loaders With Advanced Hand Controls (AHC)

9. Sit in the operator’s seat and fasten the Seat Belt. Lower the Seat Bar, start the engine and press the PRESS TO OPERATE LOADER Button.

10. Raise the lift arms about 6 feet (2 meters) off the ground.

11. Turn key OFF (Standard Panel), press the STOP Button (Deluxe Panel), and wait for the engine to come to a complete stop.

12. Turn key ON (Standard Panel), press RUN /ENTER Button (Deluxe Panel). Press the PRESS TO OPERATE LOADER Button, move the left hand control toward the operator. The lift arms should not lower.

13. Move the right hand control away from the operator. The bucket (or attachment) should not tilt forward.

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