BobCat 753 – ALTERNATOR (90 AMP) – Removal And Installation

Place jack stands under the rear corners of the loader.

Raise the lift arms and install an approved lift arm support device. (See Installing Lift Arm Support Device
on Page 10-20-1.)

Raise the operator cab. (See Raising The Operator Cab on Page 10-30-1.)

Disconnect the negative (-) cable from the battery.

Disconnect the red wire (Item 1) [Figure 60-31-9] from the alternator which comes from the battery.

Disconnect the wiring harness connector (Item 2) [Figure 60-31-9] from the alternator.

Remove the adjustment bolt (Item 1) [Figure 60-31-10] from the mounting bracket.

Remove the alternator belt (Item 2) [Figure 60-31-10] from the alternator pulley.

Remove the mounting bolt (Item 3) [Figure 60-31-10].



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