BobCat 753 – ALTERNATOR (55 AMP) – Alternator Output Test

Lift and block the loader. (See LIFTING AND BLOCKING THE LOADER on Page 10-10-1.)

Disconnect the negative (-) cable from the battery.

NOTE: The photo’s may be different but the procedure is the same for all models.

Disconnect the red wire (Item 1) [Figure 60-30-2] from the alternator. Connect that wire to the negative (-) side
of the ammeter.

Connect the positive (+) side of the ammeter to the output terminal on the alternator (Item 2) [Figure 60-30-2].

Disconnect the fuel stop solenoid connector.

Connect the negative (-) cable to the battery.

Turn on the lights and crank the engine for 30 seconds to discharge the battery.

Connect the fuel stop solenoid, start the engine and run at 2600 RPM.

The ammeter reading should be between 45-55 amps. at 2600 RPM.

If the reading is low, remove the bolts and pull the regulator cover away from the alternator.


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